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PCB auto plate Industry Overview

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Taiwan auto sheet maker Poon is the world's third largest car plate industry, the main competitors are Japan CMK, Meiko Electronics (MEIKO), etc., as fine a branch in Taiwan, Tripod, Yaohua equivalent industry also actively pursue, the industry said, 2013 years, the output value of the global automotive board-digit growth of about 2 percent, and the top five cars MILL growth and more than this margin, mainly due to high reliability requirements of automotive sheet, the customer will preferentially allocate orders to the five great cause, if the capacity is not enough only consider other suppliers, and therefore sustained full load capacity Poon, plans in 2014 to expand the new plant, can produce 2015 open.

According to foreign reports, Meiko Electronics (MEIKO) replenishment of 6.2 billion yen for the restoration auto sheet production center in Vietnam and expand plant capacity in Wuhan plant capacity, but the Vietnamese plant between September 2013 fire, the first half of fiscal year 2013 (2013 from April to September) from operating profit forecast of 1.5 billion yen at the beginning sharply to 691 million yuan; CMK will 2013 fiscal year (April 2013 - March 2014) consolidated operating profit target from the original estimate of earnings 2.2 billion yen, sharply revised down to a loss of 1 billion yen, consolidated net income goals from the original estimate of 1 billion yen surplus, big cut to a loss of 3.8 billion yen; with the industry, said the poor profitability of Japanese manufacturers, which may affect follow-up investment, increase productivity as fast as Jing Peng positive, Poon also have the opportunity to further market share.
Refined into a branch to Yuanmao, Switzerland or the two main auto sheet plant capacity, promising further growth performance in 2014 compared with 2013; Tripod also invested NT $ 3 billion to 40 billion on Bristol plant capacity building, automotive sheet will become the performance of major growth momentum, Poon revenue growth while also facing fierce competition with industry....