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Who stole your phone traffic? Secret five traffic trap

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Recently, security research and vulnerability reporting platform cloud website security warning, noting phone software has been tampered with, strum advertising backstage sneak flow of serious, and while on the phone it is possible to sneak message traffic in a number of smart phone users were not triggered small response, more than 30% of users feedback has appeared phone sneak flow phenomenon.
As traffic sneak reasons, some of the respondents have a basic knowledge of certain mobile phones that will use traffic monitoring software tested and found to sneak flow a lot of software in the market of third-party software to download, they are hackers "secondary packaged "into the malicious code. In fact, this is just sneaking flow "tip of the iceberg", regarded as hostile to do this part. In addition, some "unintentional" sneaking traffic situation. Experts suggest that you want to completely eliminate the flow sneak, unless you turn off the data function. Otherwise, give up your smart phone.
Internet access will not be able to avoid traffic Unleashed
"Mobile phone sneak flow", according to the usual situation, most consumers do not know means that in the case of mobile phones because mobile Internet traffic generated even unknown charges.
Today's information society, the smart phone has almost become a necessity of people's lives, according to "The 32nd China Internet Development Statistics Report" CNNIC recently released the first half of 2013, becoming the first source of new mobile phone users, accounting 70% of new Internet users. Under its influence, as the first major application of the Internet - instant messaging (micro channel products) in the mobile phone side also had a strong performance of its Internet users reached 397 million, the utilization rate of 85.7%. With instant messaging application gradually shift from a single integrated platform chat tool, its market potential is also excited.
And SMS is not the same, instant messaging software to send information through the traffic. That is in no cell phone signal, as long as there is wifi network, but also to send a message. Today, more and more people began to use the micro-channel alternative to SMS. Thus, the mobile Internet has become essential to life accessories.
If the machine's functions, the mobile Internet will be the Internet only. Since they are running a single task, the basic problem sneak flow does not appear. Era of intelligent machines is not the case, have a cell phone experts said, wanted to put an end to sneak flow, unless you turn off Internet access. But this would not be a smart phone useless, might as well throw it away, not the reality.
"However, even sneak flow, there are 'intentionally' and 'unintentional' two kinds." The expert said, most traffic Unleashed is unintentional, telecom operators and application developers can not get traffic into profits, so even intentional of sneak flow, the purpose is more pop-up ads or achieve insourcing and other charges, "ulterior motives."
Flow "Unleashed" five traps
Mr. Chen, who lives in New City overnight not only run out of phone packages in all the traffic, but also 700 yuan arrears. According to Mr. Chen, he forgot to turn off data traffic services before going to sleep, when the flow completed within the package, there are operators receive SMS alerts sent to, but when he was sleeping, see the message is the next morning . In this regard, Mr. Chen is very helpless and very puzzled: how my phone traffic is being stolen?
According to reports, many reasons could lead to "sneak flow", but the most common are five kinds.
Implement push function must be established on the basis of a network connection, in order to detect software updates and news alerts. So even if you do not take the initiative to the Internet, will work in the background in the case of network connection, it would have a certain amount of traffic.
Once the user has inadvertently with the virus malware is downloaded to the phone, the Trojan will open Root privileges backstage networking, download for malicious software to promote and synchronize the user traffic consumed, leading to traffic sneak.
Smart phone wifi signal instability and weak, with automatic search and switch to 2G / 3G networks and continue to provide Internet services function. If the user does not notice, when you continue to use the service takes the flow, it is possible to produce a high flow rate.
Now many phones have cloud synchronization, etc. can help the user to contact or even a picture message information is automatically backed up to the cloud, but it will cost a lot of traffic, especially open image synchronization upload function, the flow rate of consumption will be more severe .
Many mobile phone users to run the game software, the function is not as simple as it seems, except the next surface to provide users of the gaming service, often also secretly collect user type, location and other personal information, this when the flow is so quietly away.