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Apple PCB chain full revenue decline in January

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Apple-related PCB supply chain revenue last January (10) days fully released, compared with last December decline, Huatong (2313), F- Pottinger still contrarian higher than last January, better than market expectations; F- Pottinger 6.182 billion yuan more to dominate the industry in Taiwan.
January marks the Spring Festival this year, Apple has value window of old and new products for the electronics industry, the traditional off-season, Watertown, F- Pottinger, Taiwan county and Ka Luen Yick other Apple printed circuit board (PCB) in January revenues were low last month, Taiwan County, Ka Luen Yick reduction of more than two percent, and not as good as last year, in January, below market expectations.
Huatong January revenues of 2.556 billion yuan, month by 10.38%, 1.37% annual growth; Ka Luen Yick January revenues of 1.236 billion yuan, month by 24.14%, the annual reduction of 7.37%.
Benefit from Apple orders, four PCB supply chain last year's fourth quarter revenue Genesis highs, Watertown, F- Pottinger, station county throughout the year also hit a record high, F- Pottinger, station county more profitable synchronized attack top.
Traditional off-season for the first quarter, Apple-related PCB supply chain admits revenue will be lower than the fourth quarter of last year, but those firms than last year.
Huatong for Apple any layer (Any Layer) supply chain, product and another three flexible printed circuit board (FPC) is different, January revenue reduction of about one percent month over the F- Pottinger, Ka Luen Yick, Taiwan county of excellent; but F- Pottinger annual rate nearly two, three performance relative to other PCB supply chain good yesterday, closing share price also four unique red.
F- Pottinger first time exceeded 60 billion yuan in revenue last year, also squeezed Xin Xing Yue listed under cabinet PCB industry chain revenue leader, in January this year, still sit tight throne. Xin Xing yesterday January revenues 4.514 billion yuan, month by 0.09 percent, 13.94 percent annual reduction.